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Lutron Shading

Energy efficient, elegant, and safe are three words that should describe any home or office setting.  Our friends at Lutron know this all too well.  Lutron is a Pennsylvania headquartered company that delivers residential and commercial shading solutions that provide efficiency, elegance, and safety.  Alpha and Omega Electric wholeheartedly recommends Lutron’s premier electronic shades and we can help bring this amazing product into your home or business.

Lutron: A Developer of Innovations for Tomorrow’s Light Control

Lutron is a company dedicated to providing products that control light.  Lutron controls light via top end electronic shades for windows that enhance many features of your home or workplace.  Why choose Lutron shading?  This is a question easy to answer.

Lutron Shading Saves Energy

Lutron’s shading system can save additional energy beyond the use of normal shades.  This system can lower shades during warmer months to help block solar heat gain.  The system can also open shades during cooler months to take advantage of solar heat gain in order to warm a space without added energy.  Saving energy is not only great for the environment, but it also results in lower electricity bills.  This saves you money.

Lutron Shading Provides Elegance and Ambiance

Lutron shading is designed to look and work beautifully.  Lutron’s shading systems come in a variety of different fabric options and colors so that you can create the right effect for your home or office.  Saving energy is a great thing.  Lutron, however, simply makes a great thing look beautiful.

Lutron Shading Provides Safety and Security

Choose Lutron and you instantly add safety and security to your residence.  With Lutron’s whole-home shading system, you gain simultaneous control over all of the shades in your abode.  This means that if you leave your home, simply activate the system’s “Away” function.  This electronically closes all of the shades in your home to restrict views inside.

Lutron Shading is Convenient

Lutron shades can be controlled by a single wall station inside a home or business.  However, the shades can also be controlled by using a myriad of different keypads.  If a wall station doesn’t work for you, then how about IR remote controls, wireless tabletop controls, or even an astronomic time clock for automatic adjustment of shades?  Lutron provides numerous options for shade control that are perfectly convenient for you.

Lutron Shading Reduces Glare and Helps Protect Furnishings

Lutron shading systems diffuse light and prevent glare from washing out a computer or television screen.  Systems can also be utilized to protect furniture, artwork, rugs, and even wood surfaces from harmful UV rays.  Simply invite this system in and let it provide the ease and protection that you deserve.

How Can Alpha and Omega Electric Help?

Alpha and Omega Electric provides excellence through quality service and we deliver with Lutron’s electronic shades.  Our team of electricians is highly skilled, talented and professional.  This team also knows Lutron shading and it has installed Lutron shading systems for years.

Choose Lutron for your shading solutions.  Choose Alpha and Omega Electric to help bring these solutions to your home or business.  If you have questions about Lutron’s exciting line of products, or if you would like more information as to how we can deliver beautiful and efficient light control for your location, simply contact us today!


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