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Alpha and Omega Electric is a family owned business that has provided superior electrical service to the Puget Sound region for over three decades.  The business is owned and managed by Nathan Turner.  Nathan’s father, Clarion Turner, started Alpha and Omega Electric in 1980.

Nathan began working for his father in 1992.  He did so out of a passion for electrical work and customer service.  He directly serviced clients and worked along side with various contractors.  In 2000, Nathan had the foresight and dedication to launch Alpha and Omega Electric’s audio and video division, which specialized in home theatre installations.  In 2007, the family torch was officially handed over and Nathan instantly went to work in continuing the success that his father had created.

Nathan II (2)  While working alongside his father, Nathan only grew as an electrician and a service provider.  In the 15 years he worked for his father before taking over the reigns, he:

  • Became fully educated and qualified to work on both low voltage and line voltage systems.
  • Became knowledgeable and successful at working on both residential and commercial electrical projects.
  • Became a superior installer (and advisor) on home audio, video, and theatre systems.
  • Became exceptional at working with contractors to ensure time-lines and expectations were met.
  • Became father-like with his tireless efforts towards customer service and satisfaction.


To this day, Nathan realizes that he learned under one of the best mentors.  He believes in constant education and is always keeping ahead of his trade to provide his customers with only the best services that work right for them.  He is passionate about his profession.  He is passionate about helping his customers.  He is passionate about being accessible.  He is passionate about ensuring he has a team in place to deliver the ideals and values that he has instilled since his first days with Alpha and Omega Electric.

Nathan may wear the official title of “management.”  However, he does not embody the typical description of the term.  He works in the field alongside his excellent staff so that Alpha and Omega Electric can provide unsurpassed safety and electrical solutions for you.

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