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Alpha and Omega Electric is a business deep in history and rich on pride.  Nearly 33 years ago, one man envisioned a business that could provide superior electrical service with an unmatched level of customer dedication for residents of the greater Seattle area.  This vision soon became a reality and Clarion Turner created something extraordinary.

Clarion Turner

Clarion Turner founded Alpha and Omega Electric in 1980.  At the time, he was in his late 20’s and had been an electrician for four years.  Although young and somewhat still new to his trade, Clarion had the skill, professionalism, and work ethic to silence any of his doubters.  He began a business that catered to providing superior services…both electrical services, as well as, extraordinary customer services.  He strongly believed in fair pricing and deeply cared about his customers’ best interests.

The Growth of a Great Man and An Electrician

Clarion began Alpha and Omega Electric on his own.  He worked in the field full time with no support.  In time, his business grew.  It became more successful.  Small projects led to larger projects.  His emphasis on customer service turned prior clients into repeat clients.  Referrals came.

Clarion’s hard work soon paid off.  A one man business soon became a business that employed 18 other individuals.  Alpha and Omega Electric excelled in providing both residential and commercial electrical services.  The company, thanks to Clarion, also perfected new home and custom home wiring installations and methods.

Like Father, Like Son

Clarion was not only a masterful electrician, but he was also an amazing husband and father.  In 1992, Clarion’s son, Nathan, was added to the talent and dedication of the Alpha and Omega Electric team.  Nathan shared in his father’s electrical skills and equally understood the importance of hard work and customer dedication.

In 2000, Nathan developed Alpha and Omega Electric’s audio and video division.  This division specialized in home theatre installations.  Nathan ran this division and managed projects for seven years.  His expert skills and dedication led to the ultimate achievement.  In 2007, Nathan and his wife Jennifer took over from where his father began. His core duties include Field operations management, Client solutions, Project procurement and marketing, and Project management. His 25+ years in the electrical business includes extensive experience in Government, Commercial, and residential projects. Much of this work has been in rennovation/Tennant improvements and ground up electrical installation. His focus on detailed project implementation and systematic project execution insures clients can be confident working with Alpha and Omega Electric. Nathan has been and will remain the “Smiling Face” representing the company.

Jennifer Turner is the Majority Owner and Administrative controller of this growing company. Her focus is on Day to day operations and management. Her background in Military service, Management and Human Relations positions Alpha and Omega Electric to provide excellent electrical installation and services to Private, Business, and Government clients alike. This will be done by assembling a team that is focused on Customer satisfaction and interaction, Detailed and Systematic project execution, and a focus on safety.

Alpha and Omega Electric is not just some random electrical company that provides electrical service.  Alpha and Omega Electric was founded upon an unmatched focus towards hard work and customer service.  This focus grew and was allowed to blossom.   A family is now enabled to provide this greatness to you.  Alpha and Omega Electric is truly an electrical service and installation company that cares.

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