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Green Technology

Don’t look now, but if you’ve ever replaced an old light bulb with an energy-saving one, you’ve entered the world of green technology.  This is a good thing.  Green technology, as the term relates to electrical services, utilizes specialized electronic devices that require smaller amounts of energy.  These devices are used so as to reduce our overall consumption of electricity.

The Benefits of Green Technology

Green technology strives to increase our energy efficiency.  Energy efficiency benefits you because it saves you money and it protects the health of our environment.

  • A better choice for your budget.  The installation of energy-efficient equipment (or green electronic devices) in your home essentially means that you will reduce your current level of electrical consumption.  This results in lower energy and utility bills.  Lower bills translate into cost savings for you.


  • A better choice for our environment.  Whenever fuels are burned in your home to produce energy, bad things are released into the environment (e.g., carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulphur dioxide).  These bad things contribute to a host of environmental problems.  By reducing energy consumption in our homes, we lower the amount of bad things that go into our environment.  The result is a cleaner and healthier environment for us all to share.


How Can Alpha and Omega Electric Help?

Alpha and Omega Electric recognizes the benefits of green technology.  We strive to keep abreast of the most current energy-saving products and service techniques available.  Our goal is to simply help you lower your electrical consumption so that you can save money and protect the environment.

Alpha and Omega Electric provides many energy saving solutions for your home.  Our most popular solutions include installation of:

  • Energy efficient light fixtures and light bulbs
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Lutron shade systems
  • Energy efficient thermostats
  • Energy efficient dimmer switches
  • Programmable timers and occupancy sensors
  • Home automation controls with energy efficiency and consumption monitoring capabilities


As you look over this list, please keep in mind that the Federal Tax Code and the State of Washington offer numerous incentives to both residential and commercial owners as to the replacement of existing lighting with more energy efficient lighting.  This means that you may be able to convert your existing lighting system with a greener and more efficient system at a very low cost…or even at no cost and save money for years to come.  You can simply contact us or your electric utility company for all of the pertinent details.


Alpha and Omega Electric is not just another provider of electrical services.  We are a customer service driven business that cares about you and your home.  For a free consultation at your home, or to learn more about the quality green technological services that we can provide, simply contact Alpha and Omega Electric today!

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