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Alpha and Omega Electric has provided superior residential and commercial electrical services for over the past three decades.  One of the reasons for our success is that we provide, install, and inform our customers on some of the best products available for their home or workspace.  We care about solutions that work for you; and, we understand that true solutions require amazing products.  Please take a moment to review some of the most exciting products that we provide and are trained to install.

SONOS 2The SONOS music system is one of the most customer friendly and one of the most powerful wireless HiFi systems that is available for your home.  With SONOS, you simply receive all the music on earth…in every room of your home…wirelessly!


Lutron   Lutron is a company dedicated to providing products that control light.  Lutron controls light via top end electronic shading systems for your home or workplace.  Choose Lutron and enjoy residential and commercial shading solutions that provide efficiency, elegance, and safety.


RTI  Remote Technologies, Inc. (RTI) offers a complete line of award-winning home control solutions.  RTI products allow you to control residential systems with either universal hand held remote control devices or in-wall controllers.  Some of these systems include: home theater systems, audio systems, and lighting and security systems.  Don’t worry…it’s under control with RTI.


  Briggs & Stratton (B & S) offers automatic home generators that provide permanent, backup protection from power outages for your home and family.  B & S Standby generators can reliably power your air conditioner, appliances, lights, TVs, or computers.  Choose B & S and you gain complete peace of mind.


square D 3Square D provides a host of top of the line equipment used to control and distribute electric power.  Examples of this equipment include: circuit breakers, panelboards, safety switches, and relays and timers.  Square D is a subsidiary of Schneider Electric and Square D products are built for safety and endurance.


SiemensSiemens is a highly reputable manufacturer of a wide range of electrical supplies that serve an entire electrical system.  Siemens electrical products provide excellent solutions for the power distribution infrastructure of residential, commercial, industrial, and utility markets.


JunoThe Juno brand includes residential and commercial downlights, track lighting, and undercabinet lighting.  Juno is a preferred brand for custom homes, retail stores and office spaces.  Choose Juno for innovative designs and energy-efficient light sources.


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