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Microsoft Employees Can Now Save on All SONOS Products

Contact Alpha and Omega Electric today to learn more about the exciting SONOS discount exclusively available to Microsoft employees directly through our company!

SONOS: The Wireless HiFi System


Alpha and Omega Electric knows audio systems.  And, we believe that THE SONOS SYSTEM is one of the most customer friendly and one of the most powerful wireless HiFi systems that is available for your home.  In fact, the SONOS Music System is arguably the best in its class.  Take a quick look at what others are saying:

  • “Sonos is still the leader when it comes to wireless, multi-room audio systems.”  (WIRED)

  • “The Sonos family of products is in a category of its own.”  (CNET)

  • “The best whole-home audio solution gets even better.”  (Men’s Journal)

  • “It’s the ultimate music machine for fans.”  (Variety)

  • “Sonos connects to the web, accessing not only your personal music library, but basically, all the music in the world.”   (Men’s Health)


With the SONOS system, you have easy access to basically all the music in the world in any room of your home…and all of this with the ability to control the entire system from the palm of your hand (learn more about specific SONOS products here).

How Can Alpha and Omega Electric Help?

Alpha and Omega Electric has provided superior electrical service and repair throughout the Puget Sound region for over 30 years.  Our company provides a host of electrical services.  As one example, we provide the systems, equipment, wiring, and installation to meet your home audio needs.  Alpha and Omega Electric has sold and installed SONOS products for years.  We are comprised of a team of highly skilled, trained, and qualified electricians that not only know SONOS, but know how to install a SONOS system within your home with care, responsibility, respect, and efficiency.

Contact Us Today!

Contact Alpha and Omega Electric today to learn more about the SONOS discount available to Microsoft employees.  With this amazing opportunity, we can sell and install a SONOS system in your home for less.  If you prefer to install the system on your own, we can simply sell SONOS components directly to you.  After all, we aim to please!


*** This offer is available only to current Microsoft employees!

Speaker bundles and other options available.




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