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A Promise Can Only Be Made Good if There is a Process in Place to Deliver It

Alpha and Omega Electric is not a new kid on the electrical block.  We have successfully provided a host of electrical services throughout the Puget Sound region for over 30 years.  We understand the work it takes to build a successful business.  We understand the work it takes to provide high quality services.  We understand the work it takes to gain our customers’ respect and friendship.

We also understand that true success cannot be achieved by offering empty promises.  For some businesses, promises are just words or labels.  At Alpha and Omega Electric, our promises are incorporated into the way we provide service every single day.  We use our promises as a measure of our excellence; and, we have put into place specific processes to ensure we can make good on them.

How Do We Provide Unparalleled Customer Service?

We value our customers’ time.  We constantly strive to accommodate the needs of our clients in terms of scheduling estimates and work dates/times.  We work tirelessly to get a project done to fit your needs.

We inform our customers.  Prior to service, we also perform research and provide our customers with multiple options so that they can make informed decisions.

We provide honest and straight forward estimates.  We are not about surprises when it comes to pricing.  In fact, we itemize estimates so that customers can pick and choose the services that are right for them and their specific budget.

We are accessible.  We make gigantic attempts to be readily available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

How Do We Ensure Cleanliness and Consideration?

The electricians at Alpha and Omega Electric are polite and courteous.  They wouldn’t be a member our team if they were anything less.  Our team works hard to avoid any inconveniences that a project may cause to your home or business.  Our team also knows that you value your property and we respect this.  We keep our work area clean and free of hazards.

How Do We Ensure that Our Electricians Are Well Trained and Professional

Alpha and Omega Electric is a family owned business.  This business was created with core values and principles in mind.  Our electricians were hand selected to become a part of our team because they aspire to the same values that Alpha and Omega Electric seeks to instill in its own service.

Further, we treat our own team as a family.  New members are not merely brought on board by chance.  Our electricians are brought into our family only after first showing they have the competence, knowledge, and professionalism that can actually make a difference.

How Do We Provide Solutions That You Like?

We are accessible and easy to communicate with.  We take the time to listen and truly understand your electrical needs.

We have a high caliber team of electricians that take the time and effort to diagnose your specific electrical issue or concern.

We don’t just rush into providing services based on our own thoughts.  We take the time to figure out what service will work best for our customers and their homes or business.

We provide products that are best for our customers, as opposed to products that are most profitable to us.

Our team stays on the cutting edge of new electrical technology.  We constantly research new and improved products and methods.  We provide this information to our customers.  We provide new and innovative options for services whenever and wherever applicable.

The above processes were not just randomly adopted.  They were tested and developed through time and effort.  They provide the means for our ability to make good on the promises we owe to you.






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